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My Short Story of Love

It was just me, then suddenly, in 2002 back in high school, I fell in love with technology, when I found out that people can do pretty much every aspect of life using technology, with less time and effort, e.g. in multimedia, business analysis, social communications.
Therefore, I decided to get my major in computer science (CS) at the CS dept. at the UOM, 2003-2007. Then without any break, I started my MSc in CS, 2007-2010, at the same CS dept. at the UOM. In which I tasted the sweetness of research.
Then after two years of teaching at the UoZ. I received a PhD scholarship award (HCDP), and finished my PhD program at the KSU, from 2012-2018. My supervisor was Dr. Austin C. Melton, Jr, professor of mathematics and computer science. Eventually, I came back to my home university at the UoZ, to teach and do research, again. Throughout my journey with tech, and gratefully I found my true partner of Love, DJ, a middle school science teacher, that is now the mom of our cute 3 kids, who can’t be replaced by the whole universe of the tech, I mean for me.

I am a co-founder and supervisor for the Shine Institute, for learning languages and improving Students Skills from KG to K12.

I am the director of the division of Academic Services at Zanîngeh Academy, for Translation and Academic Services.