Human Psychology and Languages

The title above is currently out of my CS research and can be a part of it, may be soon.

  • In terms of psychology I am modular connectionist, who believes in the computational and multi-modular theories of the mind.
  • I did study psychology and cognitive psychology during my PhD research, as well as taking the Professor Steve Joordens psychology course from Department of Psychology – University of Toronto. He is one of best college instructors I have ever seen.

On the other hand, being a multilingual person and living in multiple places with different cultures, always wondered me on:

  • How can we develop back only one uniform language for humankind?
  • How cultural conflicts can be resolved in a cost-effective approach?
  • How language shapes our mind and culture?
  • How our our mind and culture shape our language ?
  • How much computational complexity needed for the points above get happened?

Languages and Cultures I am aware of:

  • Kurdish Language and Culture (My Mother Stuff)
  • English and American Culture
  • Persian Language and Iranian Culture
  • Arabic Language and Iraqi Culture
  • Azerbaijani Language and Culture