After developing our inter-departmental research collaboration team in UoZ, from departments of Computer Science, Biology, Psychology, Neurology and Physics; we have planned to open the Computational Cognitive Neuro-Psychology (CCNP) Lab in UoZ.

In this context we are looking to investigate and answer questions of class:

  • Where is the mind in our brain?
  • Why adults do not learn language as fast as kids?
  • Why smokers do not quit smoking, and the know smoking is damaging their body?
  • Can robots understand our mind?
  • What is the highest possible degree brain-controlled robots?
  • To what degree emotionally controlled humanoid robotics are helpful, and not risky, using the recent cost-effective gadgets of Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • How neurons are involved in assigning semantic-associations between the learned concepts?
  • How brains of multi-lingual are different from uni-lingual?

Research on brain, mind and robotics has already found fascinating answers for the questions of the class above, however we will be setting and conducting more multidisciplinary inclusive approaches in our research efforts.