Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Learning through doing remains the leading learning technique in almost every profession. Parenthood is not an exception in this regard. Thats why being a father of 1 sweety daughter and 2 sweety and noisy sons has tought me interesting parenting skills. Also, I have always being passionate about how to help kids grow healthy in terms of mind and body as well. For that reason I have worked voluntarily as a family representative and curriculum developer for the PLC ECE learning centers in Northeast Ohio. Attending robot-human-interaction courses opened my eyes toward the future of the technology, where human-assistant robots can make our life much easier in the near future. Furthermore, Coding nowadays is the brand new needed literacy skill for our children to have a better socio-economically living experience and chances in today and tomorrow challenging global society.

That’s why I developed a brand new curriculum for the PLC kindergarten centers in Northeast Ohio.

Here, I will be publishing and sharing my parenthood and ECE ideas and thought that I am seeing them of potential interest for my website visitors.

One parenting advice a Day, these are not holy notes, tell me by number which one you have comments in or disagree with, and why please:

  1. Don’t give advice to your kids when they don’t want it. How? Like being hungry or at their playtime or favourite TV show time. This applies to grownups too.
  2. Don’t ask perfection from your kids.
  3. You the parents are the main role models, focus on your behaviour before your children’s behavior, educate yourself first.
  4. Don’t give frequent promises for no reasons, even for reasons, you’ll regret for doing that.
  5. Raising your oldest kid healthy will help you raising others with you.
  6. Actions of your kids are reactions to some reasons and are not necessary their permanent behaviors, look for the reasons behind those reactions rather than working on their results (behaviors), to not waste your time and doing it wrong.
  7. First thing you do when you have your child back from school is to give her/him a kiss, and not orders.
  8. Warm hug and soft smelling of you toddler kids will tight up your social bounds forever.

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